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Getting started

Since Note Garden is based off of NodeGarden, you will need to download the files from NodeGarden.

Note Garden references:

  • NodeGardenLib
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • ShakeGestures
  • SignalR.Client.WP7
  • System.Windows.Interactivity
  • Microsoft.Expression.Interactions
  • .NET for Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone

 Two projects from NodeGarden used were:

  • NodeGardenLib (DLL referenced)
  • NodeGardenSL (the project that was modified)

Extract the sound files to the 'notes' folder (lowercase).

Instead of deleting some of the existing code from NodeGarden, I've commented out some of the parts which are not required. This might help explain the context and allow you to extend aspects more easily.


There were issues trying to reference System.Threading.Tasks.WP71 directly in the Note Garden project. Copy/paste this file manually into your output folder (bin/Debug or /bin/Release by default), otherwise you might find the app immediately closes after launching.

If you use the SLARToolkit (as is included in NodeGarden), or other libraries, please use the correct license for your code. See LICENSE.TXT in the NodeGarden download for more details.

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